Sustainable & Green Plastics Laboratory (SGPL), directed by Associate Professor M. Reza Nofar, is a globally leading research laboratory for innovative bioplastics and recyclable compounds at Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. While in SGPL, we focus on the state of the art, new challenges, and opportunities to develop economically viable and environmentally friendly systems, we aim to shape the further research and industrial application of these materials for a greener & more sustainable world.

More specifically, our research focuses are:
• Polymer Processing and Rheology, Biopolymers and Polylactide, Polymer Nanocomposites, Polymer Blends, Microcellular Polymer Foams, and Microfibrillated Composites as well as Advanced Manufacturing

According to the end-use applications, we focus more on:
• Manufacturing of advanced sustainable and green structures including blends, nanocomposites, and foams for ranges of engineering applications (i.e., automotive, construction, packaging, cushioning, thermal and sound insulation) and biomedical purposes (i.e., biosensors, scaffolds, tissue engineering).

• Development of a new class of lightweight multifunctional polymeric structures that have applications in aerospace, electrical devices, energy conversion/storage, electromagnetic and pollution control.


BAP-YAP Project Accepted

by Yavuz Akdevelioğlu | Aug 19, 2022
BAP-YAP project has been approved for financial support
Our BAP-YAP project entitled "Development of PLA, PBAT and PLA/PBAT nanocomposites using chemically modified cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) structures" has been accepted to be funded by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) Research Universities Support Program.

BAP-YAP Project Team

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